International Solar Development

Luz Consultancy specialise in the development of Solar Photovoltaic sites; everything from site selection, grid connection, licencing, full construction, on-going operational support and maintenance. We arrange power purchase agreements and distributed generation contracts

What We Do

Grid Connection &
Land Lease

Securing grid connection licences with local grid operators and negotiating land lease agreements all rapped in Special Purpose Vehicle.

Financing &

We raise local and international project finance for our clients. We have in-depth knowledge of Brazilian taxation and banking systems.

Legal &

Doing business in Brazil is complex and requires solid partners. We work with registered bilingual lawyers supplying water tight contracts and facilities to ring fence foreign investment.

Design &

We work with the best international engineering, procurement and construction (EPCs) companies to offer bespoke designs using the highest quality solar equipment on the market.

Operation &

We provide O&M over the lifetime of your solar PV system, we continuously optimise performance by maximising power generation and minimising downtime.


We work with the best solar EPC contractors, manufacturers and financial providers in the market and are constantly striving towards excellence. We work on a win-win synario and are looking for more partners for future projects.

Brazilian Solar Market

Exponential Growth

Energy prices are sky rocketing. Shortage of supply combined with growing energy demand is straining the electrical supply to it’s limits.
Energy user’s prices have increased 59% in the last three years and it is set to get even worst. The Government have introduced restrictions on energy consumption my penalising large energy users with peak rate electricity costing over 400% more than the off-peak rate. Add in the issues of grid distribution and solar energy solutions makes perfect sense.

Why Solar in Brazil make perfect sense
· Brazil is one of the sunniest places in the world (4.25-6.5 sun hours per day)
· Currently less than 0.1% of its energy from solar panels
· Government subsides not required to make projects feasible
· Brazil has introduced new regulations and tax incentives to fast-track the development of the solar photovoltaic energy sector.
· Bloomberg Energy Finance have ranked Brazil 2nd place among emerging market for clean energy investment.
· Brazil has signed up to the Paris Accord to reduce its emissions by 43% by 2030
· Population of 202 Million and large growing middle class.
· Set to become the fifth largest economy in the World by 2050.

The Barriers
Brazil is coming out of a deep recession and lack of funding is a major barrier to deployment. On top of this solar is deemed new technology, shortage of equipment, red tape and negative image all have contributed to a slow solar start. Dispute the negative press Brazil energy sector is very stable and the new laws are making it easier for foreign investment. Having reliable local partners to navigate the process helps to open up the market.

We have exciting opportunities in both solar and battery storage projects that are ready to go. Designs, suppliers and agreements in place. We are looking for an investment partner who understands renewables and willing to work in an emerging market. If you are looking for access to the Brazilian market then please get in touch.

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